All of us at Miami Missionary Tent are so glad that you have decided to check out our great selection of party tents for sale.  In this article I have highlighted why you should buy a party tent from us. You will see our tents are designed to be the strongest made anywhere in the world with the highest quality construction. We have a wide selection of tents for sale. With so many party tents to choose from you will see we have a tent anyone can afford. The design and materials are unmatched in quality. Many of the vinyl’s are custom made only for Miami Tent.

Reason #1 Quality

Our tents are designed to be the strongest, most reliable and longest lived party tents for sale in America. 34 years ago we worked very hard to develop a new 18 oz. premium tent vinyl. This is custom made for us and is used exclusively in our round and oval tents. These were initially used by missionaries to be left up year round to plant churches. Now these tents are used all over the world for both ministries and commercial customers for party tents, rentals, fireworks, weddings, events, etc..

Reason #2  Affordability

Over 20 years ago a new 90″ wide tent vinyl was developed only for our company. We use this in our round and oval party tents. This is a very high quality tent vinyl with tremendous sun life and yet it is still very affordable. It will perform in wind and weather as though it was a much heavier vinyl.  As all of our vinyl’s, it is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and holing and it is permanently fire resistant.

Reason #3  Better design and materials 

When Miami Missionary Tent first began to build tents for church planting, we knew they needed to be left up year round.  To accomplish this we had to design a superior but affordable tent.  We chose to manufacture pole tents and use a unique tent vinyl laminate made to our specifications. This allows them to stand 2 to 3 times longer than industry standard.   The fabric used in the 18 oz. laminate is much thicker than normal at 1300 x 1800 denier polyester.   Most companies only use 1000 x 1000 denier. Our vinyl is 100% stronger!   It also contains extra titanium dioxide which allows our vinyl to outperform all others in sun resistance, abrasion resistance and length of life. We manufacture these tents with seat belts on every seam, both vertically and horizontally, with triple stitching and all steel to steel connections. This makes for a wonderful party tent for sale. We recognized the need for superior strength party tents as well as the tents we were manufacturing for ministries.

Reason #4  Large variety of party tents for sale

For the first 10 years, Miami Missionary Tent primarily manufactured our superior strength round and oval tents for ministries. About 25 years ago we decided to build square and rectangle tents for commercial party tents the same way.  Now we have round and oval tents in custom made white, yellow and blue vinyl. The 14 oz. square and rectangle tents are available in 18 different colors. The 16 oz. square and rectangle party tents are available in white, blue, yellow, green and red. Now more than ever, our customers have a large selection of party tents for sale in a vast array of sizes, shapes, colors and prices.