About Us

Miami Missionary Tent Company manufactures a heavy duty long lived top quality American made vinyl tent, used as revival tents for Christian ministries. Miami Missionary Tent Company manufactures pole tents for the rental industry for weddings, parties, tent meetings, special events, church tents, and Miami Missionary Tent Company manufactures circus tents. Miami Missionary Tent has pole tents for sale in all sizes and keeps a large variety of tents in inventory!

Miami Missionary Tent was called into existence by the will of God in 1980 to serve the needs first of missionaries, tent evangelism and then (we realized eventually) all Christian Ministries. Why? Because then, as now, no tent company in the country was even interested in building a heavy-duty, long lived Tent for Revival and Church meetings! We are Christians in ministry to you.

Wholesale tents for commercial needs came on line at Miami Missionary Tent Company in recent years, both because of interest from commercial customers, and because some of our state-side ministry customers wanted square, rectangular, round and oval tents.

Big top tents that are 60′ and wider are not kept in inventory so please allow as much time as possible for construction. Forms of payment accepted are: ACH bank transfer, business check, church check, wire transfer or all credit cards (2.45% convenience fee, over the phone and in person transactions only). We also accept personal checks with only 7 day processing period, this is only required on your first purchase. Once we receive at least 50% , we will be able to complete your order. Orders must be paid in full before picking up or shipping. You can also put a tent on hold with a fourth down deposit and regular payments. This will hold the price of the tent up to 12 months.

If you are serious about a commercial pole tent, therefore, please…