I am often asked about the differences between our 14 oz, 16 oz and 18 oz premium round & oval pole tents.  Why should I choose one over the other?

Making a decision between the three choices can be a difficult one. We want you to have the perfect tent for your tent revival or party tent. The following information will help you determine which tent will serve you best. All of our tents are built with the same strength of construction.

The following information will help you decide


When Miami Missionary Tent Co. Mfg. came into existence, the primary purpose was to manufacture a tent that could be left up all year round. There wasn’t any company that was producing a tent with that quality or strength. That is how the 18 oz premium round & oval came into existence. We needed a tent that had the material, construction & shape that would allow it to accomplish this. The 18 oz premium accomplished this because it has round ends to disperse the wind better. This unique 18oz vinyl is made only for our company to last up to three times longer than industry standard. It’s construction is unmatched with seat belt on every seam, top to bottom, triple stitching and all steel to steel connections.

The 14 oz round & oval came into existence to give our customers a more affordable option. We wanted to offer a tent that was just as wind resistant but at a lower price. The 14 oz tent was born. It too has round ends which allows it to disperse the wind better. This vinyl is made custom for us as well with tremendous sun life & tear resistance.

Most recently (2017) we added the 16 oz blockout.  It is available in white only, but you can add a color to the valance (tent trim).  It doesn’t allow sunlight through which will make it cooler under the tent.  That can make a big difference for your event, keeping it cooler for everyone and everything under the tent.

Similarities: All three have the same strength of construction and all look just as beautiful. No one would know the difference by appearance.

Differences: I left up the 14 oz and 18 oz premium tents year round for a permanent test. Both went through months of 100 degree days, months of 40+ winds and few months of snow. After 4 years the 14 oz tent had no pin holes or cracks. We could have left it up for many more years but it had proved itself.  The new 16 oz blockout would perform even better because of the added blockout and 2 oz heavier weight of vinyl.

The 18oz premium was left up for 12 years straight without having any pin holes or cracks.  Truly amazing.  I had planned on leaving it up until it started to pin hole but before that could happen, a local man offered to buy it so I sold it.

You can see that all three are impressive in their construction & longevity. My customers have given me plenty of feedback over the years and love all of them.  If you plan on using your tent for many months, year after year, the 18 oz is always the best investment for long term use.

These tents are very popular for use as a large party tent, circus tent and church revivals