I think it is an important and interesting story of how Miami Missionary Tent Manufacturing Company Inc. came into existence. Following is just a little about my father Clair Tromsness who was the founder of Miami Missionary Tent.  (Clair is standing on top of tent in picture).

At age 4, Clair felt God’s call upon his life. As a young man he entered seminary to prepare for the ministry. He recalled that while there he became agnostic. He tried for 5 years to overcome his agnosticism. He finally left seminary and went to school at Stanford University where he received a master’s degree in English. Clair taught college classes in Miami, Oklahoma for 16 years. During this time he was spiritually hungry but was unable to satisfy that hunger.

Then in 1971 he met some Pentecostal Christians who showed him the church of Jesus Christ was alive and vibrant today. Through the faithful prayers and witness of these men, he gave his life to the Lord.

In 1978 the Holy Spirit began to tug gently at his heart. He knew a change was forthcoming. He had met Assemblies of God Missionary-Evangelist Mike Hines. A licensed pilot, Clair had been flying to Central America during summers doing volunteer missions work. His friendship with Mike and the Lord’s leading eventually contributed to a change in his life.

In 1980 Mike called Clair and explained he was planning on holding Good News Crusades throughout Paraguay. He said the Assemblies of God Division of Foreign Missions wanted 50 pole tents for those crusades. Mike asked if he knew of anybody who could build these vinyl tents. Clair felt quickened in his spirit and told Mike he would do it. He had spent the summer before in Central America helping make tents but he knew those tents were leaky and poorly designed. He knew the Lord was calling him to build the best revival tents possible for His work. He resigned from the college and the rest is history.

Miami Missionary Tent has manufactured and shipped church revival tents to 146 countries and possessions around the world. Millions of people have accepted Christ as their personal Savior under our tents. Now we not only have church tents for sale but also event tents, revival tents, wedding tents, circus tents and more. If you want to know “where can I buy a party tent” we are here for you too. Even if you are looking for big tents for sale we have what you need. We can manufacture big pole tents that will cover a football field!

We have manufactured pole tents for over 40 years and God continues to richly bless our business. I can’t wait to see what He has planned for Miami Missionary Tent next.