Whether you are considering renting or buying a party tent for an upcoming event, you need to be familiar with the different types of tents that are available.   This will help you decide which party tent will work best for your event as well as your budget.  Please keep in mind that this article does not include or concern hiking or camping tents.   It does focus specifically on the types of tent for events like outdoor weddings, private  functions, church events, outreach. etc..

There are two primary classifications of a party tent for events: 1) traditional pole party tents; and 2) frame party tents.

What makes one unique from the other is the way they are installed and the structural framework, poles, etc. that are used to support the tent. Pole party tents are supported by center poles through the middle of tent and wall poles along the edge.   Tents 60′ and wider typically have an additional row of poles called quarter poles.   All of these poles are on the surface of the ground and held in place by securing them to the vinyl tent top and then tightening tent top to the ground with ratchets or ropes and stakes.   With the incredible support supplied by the poles, tie downs and stakes, a pole tent will have the strength to cover much larger areas than a basic frame party tent.   It will also be much more wind resistant.

Pole party tents have a beautiful and classical appearance.  They are used for wedding events, car sales, revivals, church gatherings, fairs, fireworks, parties, school graduations and many other outdoor occasions.  From the outside, pole party tents have a very elegant look with nice peaks and sweeping lines.  Party tents are normally erected on grass, asphalt or other suitable surface where stakes or anchors can be driven into the ground.

Unlike pole party tents, frame party tents are set up using interlocking bars that when joined together create a stiff freestanding metal structure that supports the tent top.   As soon as the tent top and sidewall are connected to the metal framework, you will have an enclosed area that will not have center poles.  Frame tents could require staking on the edges but can also be secured using different “weights” such as water barrels, concrete medians, or other ballasts.  They are typically more expensive than traditional pole party tents and can be set up on grass, asphalt and even concrete.

If you are looking for a pole party tent for sale you will find a wide selection to choose from.  What style and quality of pole tent you choose depends on what type of event  you have in mind and how long it will stay up.  You can choose from a round or oval pole tent or a square or rectangle pole tent.  If your tent will stay up for days, months or even years,  always consider the strength of construction.  With seat belts on every seam, triple stitched and steel to steel connections, our pole tents are designed to be the strongest, most reliable and longest lived pole tents in America.

Enjoy the adventure as you make plans for your tent for events.