Part 2:  How Big Should My Tent Be?

There is no simple way to respond to this question. Since your area requirements are so critical to your individual need, it can be difficult to determine exactly how big your party tent should be. Nevertheless, you can get a rough idea of just how much space a certain event may require and use that to determine an appropriate tent size. If your event is fairly basic and doesn’t include a lot of extra furnishings, allowing something between 10 to 12 sq. ft. per guest is a reasonable amount. However, if your party requires a very specific amount of space for a particular event, here are a couple of standards you can use to come up with an area quote:

Auditorium-Style Seating

If you’re hosting a speech or another kind of occasion where your chairs are going to be lined up in rows, it’s a great idea to permit at least 6 sq. ft. per chair.  Keep in mind that if you’re using particularly large chairs or have visitors that require more area to maneuver, you’re going to require more space.

Events with Meals

If you’re planning to serve a meal, the amount of space you’ll need will mostly depend on the dimensions of the tables you select along with the number of people that will be seated at every one. Attempt to allow a minimum of 12 sq. ft. per individual when making use of round tables and 10 square ft. per individual when using rectangle-shaped ones. It’s also important to think about the type of service you are preparing for like; dinners with table-side service which are going to need additional space in order to ensure that your servers will have adequate room to work.

Bonus Furniture

If your event needs additional home furnishings like a dance floor, buffet table or bar, you need to take the dimensions of these items into account when figuring how much space you’ll need.

Caterers, DJs, and Bands

Caterers, DJs, and bands can all come with a large amount of devices.  If you’re working with any of these for your occasion be sure to ask each service provider just how much space they’ll need prior to picking a tent size.