Our tent manufacturing production line is very efficient due to the fact that the building was designed especially for our use. We laid out the floor plan and then planned the shape, size and height of the building. For example, we have two electric traveling hoists that run the length of the 25′ high ceiling, making the extra large tents almost as easy to handle as the smaller ones.

Really Great Manufacturing Equipment:

We have invested confidently in the very best tent manufacturing equipment. Most of our machines and fixtures are built or rebuilt especially for us – or by us – to do a better job, or a more expeditious job. As a result, we routinely fabricate a 52′ round tent in 16 man hours. Then we turn around and spend some 14 man hours vulcanizing, or “welding”, vinyl weather stripping over every seam. Every stitch of thread in the tent top is permanently protected.

A Tremendous Staff:

Our tent manufacturing crew is really stable and dedicated. As a result, they have become world class in what they do. Each has become his/her own best critic. Nevertheless, the work is under constant inspection by others all the way through the production line.

Since 1980 we have continuously tested and proved our pole tents on our 4-acre proving grounds where we have permanent stake lines.


All tent portions, including side-wall, are sent in tough, over-sized vinyl bags with permanent handles on the four corners. Even a 77′ tent half can be carried away by four average men. We now include one or more trucker’s ratchets for 30′ and wider tents. This makes it convenient for one man to tighten the tie-down ropes on any tent. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.