Making the decision on whether to purchase a pole tent or frame tent for your business or ministry is very important. While you are making this decision, it is very critical to find one that perfectly matches what you need. For many people the idea of making this choice can be quite intimidating. If you’ve never purchased a tent before it can be hard to tell exactly what you need.

The pole tent and frame tent each have their own unique style and advantages, but you shouldn’t be concerned if you feel a bit lost. In this article I will show the advantages of both tents. Although the pole tent and frame tent are both excellent choices, I will show you that the pole tent is by far the most popular choice because of ease of set-up, transportation, price and strength against the weather.

Advantages of a pole tent

1. Cost: Pole tents are normally much less expensive than frame tents. That makes them the most popular choice in tents for all types of uses like parties, rentals, revivals, fireworks as well as disaster relief. They are supported by wall poles on edge and center poles in the middle. They rely on tension from stakes and tie downs to keep them tight. They can cover much more area for less money than any other type of tent.

2. Weather resistance: Pole tents will withstand much higher wind loads than a frame tent.

3. Ease & speed of set up: A pole tent is much easier to erect than a frame tent. They are very popular among business owners because the parts are normally not as heavy. It typically takes 1/3 of the time and 1/3 of the crew to set up a pole tent as compared to a frame tent. That is a huge difference in your pocket book each year.

4. Replacement parts: The hardware for a pole tent is easily replaced if they are lost or damaged. You can quickly borrow poles or stakes from another tent or find replacement parts at a nearby store.

5. Ease of transport: Pole tents are much easier to transport compared to a frame tent. You can transport small to medium size pole tents in a pickup or small trailer.

Advantages of a frame tent

1. The primary advantage of a frame tent compared to a pole tent is that it doesn’t have center poles in the middle. To some event planners this is critical to what they have planned for their event.

2. They are also ideal for events that are indoors where you are not allowed to drive stakes.

3. Frame tents can also be erected next to a building or another frame tent.

What is your best choice, a pole tent or a frame tent?

Overall, a pole tent is the best choice over a frame tent because as mentioned above, pole tents are less expensive. They are much more weather resistant. If the frame of your frame tent bends in a storm you can lose your tent top since it is attached to the frame. A pole tent would not suffer the same kind of damage. And since a frame tent has such specialized hardware, if you break or lose a part of it you will probably not have use of the tent until you can get a replacement part. The parts of a frame tent are more difficult to transport compared to a pole tent. Some people might think they don’t have to drive stakes in the ground for a frame tent but unless you are using your frame tent indoors, it must be held in place by stakes, water barrels or concrete medians.

The price and strength of a pole tent compared to a frame tent is simply unmatched. Although there will be occasions when you must have a frame tent, most of the time the pole tent will be the best choice for you and your business.