Then, scroll down on each page to see prices and description of our high quality materials and construction.  Missing, of course, are the physical specimens of our vinyl: the “tear-me” sample which proves its intrinsic strength, and the unique, indestructible seam sample that says something of the nature of our tent’s construction.

Forms of payment accepted are: ACH bank transfer, business check, church check, wire transfer, all credit cards (2.45% convenience fee, over the phone and in person transactions only). We also accept personal checks with only 7 day processing period, this is only required on your first purchase. Once we receive at least 50% , we will be able to complete your order. Orders must be paid in full before picking up or shipping.

You can also put a tent on hold with a fourth down deposit and regular payments. This will hold the price of the tent up to 12 months.

Shipping/packaging charges are not included in the price of the tent.

We do not have any used tents, nor do we rent tents. Check out our high quality and affordable 14 oz tents.

If I may be of any further help in any way, please do not hesitate to call.


David Tromsness
Sales/General Manager