Pole Tent Manufacturer

Pole Tent Manufacturer
Our tent manufacturing production line is very efficient due to the fact that the building was designed especially for our use. We laid out the floor plan and then planned the shape, size and height of the building. For example, we have two electric traveling hoists that run the length of the 25′ high ceiling, making the extra..

How To Buy An Event Tent

Trying to find a place to hold your companies next event? Planning a party or wedding event and looking for that special location? Has an event tent ever entered into your planning thoughts? Whether you want to purchase a tent or even rent one, event tents offer many advantages over having the par…

Party Tents And Their Myriad Of Uses

A party tent is popular choice for wedding events, trade fairs and other outdoor events where 50 or more people gather together. This type of tent is more costly than traditional canopies used in the backyard and it usually requires a few extra people to set up. Party tents for special events are harder to set up […]

Tent Manufacturer

As a tent manufacturer, Miami Missionary Tent Company manufactures a heavy duty long lived top quality American made vinyl tent, used as revival tents for Christian ministries.  Miami Missionary Tent Company manufactures pole tents for the rental industry for weddings, parties, tent meetings, special events, church tents and revivals. Miami Missionary Tent has pole tents for sale in all sizes and keeps a large variety […]

How To Maintain Your Tent

Maintaining your tent is certainly about checking and fixing obvious defects in the tent fabric and hardware as well as tent set up and take down.    It also includes communicating with customers about where the tent will be set, potential obstructions like overhead wires as well as possible temperature changes.   Even proper maintenance of your vehicles […]

Great Tips For Any Tent Event

Every year tents have become more and more popular for uses like weddings, special events, revivals, church , etc..  Event tent planners, rental companies and others have continued to make their tents more glamorized by using pleated ceilings, swag, specialized lighting, furniture and decor. Planning an event involves a lot of time, dedication and detailed work […]

New Tent at Used Tent Price

In the early 90’s, a new 90″ wide 14 oz tent vinyl was developed especially for Miami Missionary Tent that we use in our round tents, oval tents, party tents, and missionary tents exclusively. It is not only of the highest quality tent vinyl but is very affordable with the strength and life that match a […]

Round & Oval Tents vs. Square & Rectangle Tents

Before making the choice on whether to purchase a round/oval tent or square/rectangle tent there are several things to consider.     You want to choose the tent style that is the best for your need.     If you haven’t purchased a tent before, it can be a tough decision. The round & oval tents and square & rectangle tents each have […]

Important Considerations When Choosing A Pole Party Tent

Whether you are considering renting or buying a party tent for an upcoming event, you need to be familiar with the different types of tents that are available.   This will help you decide which party tent will work best for your event as well as your budget.  Please keep in mind that this article does not include or […]

From College Teacher To Tent Manufacturer

I think it is an important and interesting story of how Miami Missionary Tent Manufacturing Company Inc. came into existence. Following is just a little about my father Clair Tromsness who was the founder of Miami Missionary Tent.  (Clair is standing on top of tent in picture). At age 4, Clair felt God’s call upon his life. […]